Colorants- The most important ingredient used by plastic manufacturing companies!

There is a large variety of colorants available in the market. The main purpose of colorants is to alter the appearance, effectiveness, functionality, performance, and efficiency of resins. Epoxy is one of the most popular colorants used for adding colors to plastic. Colorants are very important for manufacturing a variety of plastic products.

There are many categories of colorants used when manufacturing plastic and plastic products. However, they are categorized into three main types, which are known as; dyes, organic and inorganic pigments. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

The pigment group comprises of a material that does not change its colors, during the manufacturing process. However that’s not the case with dyes, as they are totally different from pigments and don’t have similar characteristics as them.

Now, let’s discuss in detail these three categories of plastic colorants that are used widely by plastic manufacturing industries:

Organic pigments- Prepared from hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, these pigments are transparent in nature, which absorb light to emit color. Elements like manganese, barium, and calcium are also part of organic pigments.

Inorganic pigments- These pigments are made from a combination of metalloid, which are combined with oxygen or with any other element. The molecules of these elements absorb light partially to radiate color. It should be kept in its original form so can fulfill its purpose as a colorant.

Dyes- Dyes lose all their transparency characteristics, when dissolved in plastics.  They do not possess any particular characteristics as they get completely dissolved in the solution. The best thing about dyes is that they give complete transparency.

Dyes are further categorized into different types, which industries use depending upon their purpose. All dyes have their own features, which make them distinct from each other.

When colorants leave the manufacturing companies, they are in a powdered form. These powdered form colorants are processed in order to make them ready for use in the plastics and other associated products manufacturing industries.
Dry color pigments are added to powdered colorants, because their size and characteristics are quite similar to each other. These pigments can be either added as a single colorant or they can be added in a combination of two to more, in order to suit the targeted color.

To sum up, colorants are of core great value for those companies that manufacture manufacturing plastics. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a reputed service provider to get high quality colorants, which can fulfill the purpose of these industries in the best possible manner.


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