Phenalkamines- A chemical that changed the way epoxy is cured

Because of their strong adhesive properties, Epoxy resins have gained a huge popularity in many industries such as; electronics, jewelry, construction, home repair, arts and crafts, wood and metal working industries. Another reason is that they can easily be converted from a liquid or thermoplastic state, into a thermo solid under various temperatures.
The transformation of resins from liquid to solid form is done by adding a special curing agent, which can be either amines or its derivatives. These agents that are added to epoxy resins form a cross-linked bond and in turn, make epoxy coating durable and robust.
In order to meet the demands of modern industry, manufacturers are trying to come up with the best curing agents.

Phenalkamines are among the most widely used curing agents. In this article, we will explain how the use of this chemical has effectively changed the process of curing.

This agent has extremely fast curing and low toxicity properties, which provide good results when used. In addition, this chemical has good resistance properties towards other chemicals. These properties collectively make it the most suitable chemical to use in a diverse range of applications like; construction projects, industrial maintenance, and more. The addition of this active curing agent ensures that cured epoxy will be water resistant with great flexibility and adhesive properties.

The emergence of this chemical has replaced other counterparts such as, polyamides and polyamines. The basic properties that make it perfectly suitable are; better flexibility, amazing abrasion resistance, improved rust resistance etc. These properties help people to distinguish this curing agent from other polymer based chemicals. Because of its good water resistance properties, it is the ultimate choice for water-borne coatings.

The unique structure of these additive chemicals gives them a rare combination of the most desirable curing characteristics. When added to epoxies these chemicals transfer their properties to resins and makes them usable for applications where a strong a product with strong adhesiveness is required. Among the family of various curing agents, phenalkamine is relatively new and provide innovative means for fast curing, because of its chemically modified structure.

The aforementioned properties of this chemical are the key reason behind its day by day increasing sales, and the scope of utilization in modern technology based projects.


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