Multiple applications of epoxy resin in different industries

In the last few years, the field of organic chemistry has significantly changed. With the need of industries to process various products, there has been a rise in the number of chemicals used. Out of all the chemicals, epoxy has emerged as the most popular chemical compound.

Epoxies are prepared in such a way that it easily reacts with other compounds such as; amines, acids, alcohols and phenols, which helps serve a variety of industries.

Let us take a look at some of the different industries, where the curing agent epoxy is used-

  • Electronic Industry: Epoxy plays a great role in the electronic industry. Its insulation property makes it very useful for the electronic manufacturing industry. Its advantageous features help in manufacturing insulators, motors, transformers, generators, switchgear, and bushings. Other than these, epoxies are used to produce casts, laminates, and fixtures.
  • Metal and Paint: Epoxies are also used in factories that cast metal applications like; iron, steel, and aluminum. Its liquid form which is lesser volatile and resistant to water makes it an essential part of metal industry. Apart from this, this chemical when used with plastic colorants, plays a key role in the automotive industry, which require latex and alkyd based paints for its processing.

The use of epoxy is not just restricted to the aforementioned fields; it is also used in the marine, aerospace, biological fields, etc.

  • Adhesives: Epoxy is widely used in adhesive manufacturing units. It is prepared in such a way that it makes it perfect to be used in preparing wood, metals, plastics, and stones. In contrast to normal adhesives, this is far better because it has features like; heat resistance, chemical resistance, as well as flexibility.

If you deal in any of these industries, epoxy is more than an option for you- it is a necessity. However, before ordering it from any supplier, make sure the distributer is dependable; because there are many frauds in the market, and you wouldn’t want to risk losing your hard earn money.


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