Do you know what the usage of the different epoxies is?

Undoubtedly, we all are well versed with the fact that epoxy is widely used in many industries like; electronics, dye, leather, paint, flooring etc., but do you have any idea about the usage of different epoxies?

Well, probably no! But, don’t worry. Everything you might want to know about epoxies, is been discussed below.

Polyamine epoxies
This is the most basic and commonly used chemical. It has variant qualities that set it apart from the other types of epoxies. The basic quality of this epoxy is that it is resistant to abrasion. Therefore, no wear and tear or abrasion occurs, if this coat is applied to any product.
Another feature that makes it so widely used is its hardness and strength. Firm bonds are made, when coating of polyamine epoxy is used in certain applications like coating windows. It helps protect the coating from getting corrosion and make it last longer.

Polyamine epoxy coatings
Characteristics like; flexibility, resistance to corrosion and adhesive qualities, are there in this chemical. In addition to this, it also has water resistance properties. However, there are a few drawbacks of this chemical as well, for it is not chemical resistant, which is why it cannot be used in areas or for applications that make use of chemicals.

Epoxies with phenolic qualities
This type of coating has high chemical resistance property, thus can easily be used in areas where chemicals are extensively used.

After learning about the use of different epoxies, the next step is to decide, which will be the best place, to buy it from.

Buying any sort of epoxy color compounds, reductive chemicals, dyes etc. from any random supplier can get you and your business in trouble. You need to be very particular about it, and you must choose a supplier, who can be trusted for the quality of chemicals it sells.

The supplier must have a good record of providing quality coating materials to its clients.


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