Industrial Applications of Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium dithionate is one of the most widely used organic chemical because of its multiple properties. This white crystalline powder is also known as sodium hydrosulfite. The Dithionous acid present in sodium hydrosulfite makes it highly stable in almost all conditions. Moreover, this compound decomposes easily in acidic solutions and in hot water.

Many chemical manufactures make use of this chemical because of the presence of sulfur in its structure, which earns it versatility.

Let us take a look at the many uses of this compound in different industries-

Dyeing industry – Sodium dithionate is used as a reducing agent. Its reducing property makes it suitable for dyeing industry applications. The water-soluble salt present in it gives it the ability to get rid of the excess dye, unintended pigments, and residual oxides. These properties help in improving the overall color quality of the product dyed. It easily reacts with formaldehyde chemical to produce Rongalite (a compound that is used in bleach and paper pulp, cotton, wool, chrome, and leather tanning industry).

Biological and Geosciences –This compound is effective for reducing the redox potential in numerous biological reactions. Besides its use in the biological area, its feature makes it suitable for use in geological processes, such as chemically enhanced oil recovery processes. It is also used to stabilize polymers such as polyacrylamide, and protects the polymers against radical degradation in the presence of iron.

Other applications – Apart from the above-mentioned applications of this chemical, sodium dithionate is also used in the photography industry as well. More areas in which this chemical is used include gas purification, water treatment, cleaning and stripping plants. The sulphating agent present in it makes it suitable for use in the food industry.

After reading the above-mentioned points, you now have an idea about the many applications of sodium dithionate in different industries, and its importance in different fields.

When purchasing sodium hydrosulfite you need to search for a reliable provider, who is known for offering top quality chemicals to its clients.


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