Does epoxy resin play a major role for various industrial purposes?

Chemicals have a significant role to play in numerous industries. With rise in need of chemicals, out of all, epoxy has emerged as the most popular chemical compound.

Its dynamic properties and application to serve diverse range of industrial purposes has made it the best chemical compound.

The process of epoxy resin manufacturing is done from the end product of epoxy. The name is obtained from the from the chemical functional group epoxide in its structure. The best feature of this chemical is it can easily react with other compounds such as amines, acids, alcohols & phenols.

Following are the areas or industries where epoxy plays a major role–

Adhesive – This chemical is widely used in adhesive manufacturing units. The fact that this chemical can easily suit different applications makes it an optimal choice for adhesive industries. Companies dealing in this area, use this chemical compound for a variety of surfaces that include wood, metals, plastics and stones. When compared to other chemical compounds, these adhesive provide better heat resistance and chemical resistance. Apart from this, it is flexible in nature that helps in turning the surface into any form. However, temperature level requires being around 177°C, as its strength is degraded, if temperature is raised.

Electronic industry – Another area where epoxies play a major role is the electronic manufacturing industry. The property that this chemical possesses makes it perfect electrical insulation material. This is why it is used for the manufacturing of insulators, motors, transformers, generators, switchgear, and bushings. Apart from this, this compound is also used while vesting, lamination, and fixtures. The compound when transformed into cured epoxy form makes it a better conductor of heat than air, hence making it optimal for use as an electrical insulator.

Paint –Besides use of epoxies in casting of iron, steel and aluminium, this compound is also best suitable for use in manufacturing of paint. The lesser volatile and resistant to water features make it as an optimal use for pain manufacturing industries. However, this requires being blend with plastic colorant, if automotive industry wants to use this compound for painting the vehicles.

However, the use of epoxy is not just limited to these three fields, but its features make it optimal for use in marine, aerospace, art as well as biological fields. So, from the above information, you must have got an idea how epoxy helps in playing a major role for various industrial purposes.


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