Types and Important Features of Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin or polyepoxide is a class of reactive polymers and prepolymers that consists of groups of epoxide. These groups are called as oxirane or glycidyl Epoxy resins either may be cross-linked or may react with other co-reactants that include polyfunctional amines, thiols acids, phenols, and alcohol. These co-reactants are termed as the curatives or the hardeners.

Epoxy resin manufacturer are more into profit these days due to its wide use in commercial areas. Some people may not aware of this product, apparently it is quite essential for the use in many applications. Due to its quality features, several industries use them. Its properties include adhesive, resistance to water and chemicals.

However, in order to get the best quality of epoxy resins product, it is required to search for a manufacturer that is reputed. If not, then search online as you can get ample of options to see.

There are many industries that make use of these this product like in dentistry, metal coatings, boat building, high-tension electrical insulators, fiber optics and civil engineering, and many other areas of applications. Mostly epoxy resins are used for commercial use rather than home use.

Different epoxy products includes-

Curing agents– the best feature of curing agents is that it is capable of enhancing the reactivity, working time, and the viscosity of the resins. Therefore, it is highly important to select the right epoxy resin as all above features depends on the quality of resin used.

Reactive diluents– other product that comes in the category of epoxy resins are reactive diluents that diminish the viscosity of the base resin in order to get better handling and ease in various applications. Reactive diluent gives optimized performance like adhesion, filler-loading, flexibility, and is resistant to solvent.

Liquid epoxy resins– for the use in coatings as well as civil engineering applications, liquid epoxy resins are broadly used.

Solid epoxy resins– on other hand, solid epoxy resins are best to make use general-purpose powder coatings and related applications

Features of epoxy resins include-

  • Used for coatings on other equipment.
  • Resistant to chemical and water as used in marine applications
  • Used for flooring, powder coatings, pipes, electronic applications etc.
  • Other application area includes aerospace, art, biology, electronics, paining, adhesives, water tightening, shrinkage, and many more.
  • It is also resistant to corrosion.

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