What are the key benefits of reactive diluents?

Reactive diluents are used to decrease the stickiness of epoxy resins to get improved and effortlessness handling when used in various applications. In other words it is used to get optimized performance properties like filler-loading, impact strength, flexibility, adhesion, and solvent resistance. These diluents are used in applications like for civil engineering purposes, coatings and paints, composites, electro, adhesives etc.

Diluents are preferred because when diluents mixed with polymer matrix reduce volatile organic compounds. It is basically used in commercial use and is worldwide in demand.

Other field of area where these diluents are-

  • Are used to prepare paint that is solvent free
  • Used to varnish compounds
  • When combined with other polymers improves adhesion and stabilization

One of the categories of reactive diluents is Epotec that are epoxy groups that consist of functional products. It is used to lower the stickiness OF glycidyl ethers which when react with curing agents become the element of cross-linked epoxy system.

They are further divided into three forms

  • Aliphatic
  • Aromatic
  • Cycloaliphatic

Based on their functionality, they are further grouped as-

  • Mono-functional
  • Di-functional
  • Tri-functional

Some of the advantages of reactive type of diluents are-

  • Stickiness of epoxy resins that contains high molecular weight is easily reduced.
  • With the help of it, it is easy to retain the mechanical as well as the chemical resistance of cured state properties.
  • These diluents consist of low vapor pressure in contrast to other chemicals.
  • It is compatible with bis – phenol A, bis – phenol F & Phenolic epoxies
  • Low viscosity and flexibility
  • Resistant to chemical & water
  • Low volatile organic compounds product can be prepared
  • Uphold electrical properties

When diluents are combined with resins, it produces the following benefits-

  • Without increasing volatiles, stickiness can be reduced
  • cost is reduced due to the higher filler loadings of both chemicals
  • It also consists of lower co-efficient of expansion, lower exothermic, higher compressive power and lower reduction properties.
  • Life of resin hardener is increased.

If you are working in any commercial area where the requirement of these diluents is must then you should definitely acquire this chemical to get more effective results.

But if you are new to the use of these chemicals or are unaware that in how many ways the chemical can be used and prove helpful for your business, then research well about it before hand.

It will help you gain more knowledge and will be able to get an idea of how to find the best diluents producers. In addition, it is advisable to compare the price and superiority of the product before buying it.


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