Is it essential to mix ratios for epoxy coatings?

Yes it is! When mixing ratios, it is important for epoxy coatings. Many times, it is seen that the contractors usually commit mistake while mixing two of components of epoxy coatings. This leads to some of the very common problems that mentions below-

  • Either no or soft cure
  • high exothermic reaction leads to shrinkage

The components mixed are used for determining quantity of hardener for epoxy curing agent that is required to achieve a full cure of epoxy coating. Weight, volume, or PHR (parts per hundred) expresses the mixed ratios. If the density of resin and catalyst will vary then automatically the ratio of weight and volume will differ.

Many people usually mix resin and hardener by weight but it is recommended to merge it by volume as suggested by companies. It is very important to note that if you change the ratio by volume then it will be changed according to temperature and pressure where as the weight will not change according to temperature and pressure.

Following are some of the ways to mix two components of epoxy coatings-

When you are mixing, make sure that you do not mix resin in excess at the same time due to the viscosity that will make it difficult for the mixture to stir. Moreover, the pot life of the mixture will tend to decrease due to the exothermic reaction formed at that time.

It is advisable to dispense the epoxy resin and the hardener in either plastic or metal containers and avoid using glass or foam containers. This is because when heat is produced during the reaction will make the container softer or will be make it too hot to handle it. This will further be risky to hold the container, as there are chances of breaking glass containers. Therefore, metal or plastic containers are recommended for this use. This will further allow speeding up the mixing process.

During the process, hardeners usually have the tendency to settle easily. Therefore, if you will not mix it prior to be used as a catalyst, then rich mixture might occur.

During dispensing, the hardener as well as the resin is poured in two different containers and then poured in same container. It is advisable that you rub the container surface into the mixing container in order to get proper proportion of mixture.


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