How zinc borate is effectual in different applications?

Zinc borate, also known to be borate of zinc is an inorganic compound. The material comes in white crystalline color or in form of amorphous powder that is unsolvable in water. Moreover, the compound’s toxicity is usually low and has a melting point of about 980 °C.

The product has a great application use but most primarily, it is used as flame retardant in plastics or in cellulose fibers, smoke suppressant, rubbers, paper, and textiles. Moreover, the product is widely used in adhesives, paints formulation, pigments and various other chemical manufacturing processes.

Undoubtedly, the product has many uses that are discussed below-

The first and foremost benefit of the product is that it helps at the time of fire occurrence. We all are aware of the fact that when fire usually occurs, it spreads and causes severe loss to the life and property. Many people at that time either consider taking help of fire fighters who try to control fire and suppress it with variety of methods or make use of fire extinguishers. However, they are unaware of the chemical that is known for its unique properties that is ZB. The product is widely used in various equipment that is used for retarding the flame and for suppression of smoke.

Other than this, due to its chemical working and properties of the compound, the chemical is mostly used as a fungicide, preservative, corrosion inhibitor and much more.

Being complex in nature, several industries use this compound for variety of purposes according to their requirement. Like for instance-

  • It is used as a fire retardant in Elastomers, PVC, Epoxy Resins, Polyolefin, and Polyamides.
  • Moreover, many people are unaware of the fact that this product is anti-dripping.
  • The product when used in electric insulators, it easily holds back arcing.
  • Other than this, in the area of manufacturing, it is used for manufacturing paper, fiber fabric, floor leather, or decorative boards.
  • The best property of this chemical is that because of its capability to retard, that means it can be used in vinyl chloride latex formulations.

It is a special compound in itself. However, one needs to handle the chemical carefully when making use in different applications. In addition, special precautions should be taken such as use of security goggles, face shield, protective gloves.


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